Child Witness Program

Our agency works in partnership with the justice system to provide confidential support services and impartial court preparation for children and youth, 17 years of age and under.

The goals of the Child Witness Program are:

  • To prepare the young victim or witness for court and to support truthful testimony;
  • To help protect the child/youth's sense of self-worth and confidence during the judicial process.

If you want to know more about Services provided within the program:

  • Assessing the specific needs of the child and advocating on his or her behalf;
  • Educating the child on courtroom procedures and the role of a witness;
  • Helping the child cope with his/her fears and apprehensions;
  • Visiting the courtroom before going to court;
  • Helping parents be effective in supporting their child;
  • Scheduling and attending meetings with the Assistant Crown Attorney
  • Providing updates on the progress of the case;
  • Advocating for "child friendly" courtrooms and waiting rooms;
  • Assisting with victim impact statements;
  • Explaining the verdict and sentencing to families.

For general inquiries or to speak directly with the Intake Worker please call 705-524-9629; or contact us.

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