Partner Assault Response

The Partner Assault Response (PAR) Program helps men identify their abusive behavior and provides them with an opportunity to change. The PAR Program is NOT an anger management program. You need a court order to attend the PAR Program.

The PAR Program offers a group which will help if you:

  • Are controlling and far too jealous;
  • Have hit your partner, called her/him names, insulted her/him and/or raised your voice;
  • Have thrown things at your partner or children;
  • Cannot accept that the relationship is over.

The program will help you:

  • Take responsibility for and being aware of, abusive and controlling behaviour which hinders healthy relationships
  • Become trustworthy again.
  • Improve your communication skills in order to become a better partner and/or parent;

Please note that an eligibility assessment is required before you are accepted into the program and you can reach the PAR program worker at (705) 524-9629, Monday - Friday, between 8:30am and 4:30pm. A participation fee may apply.

For general inquiries or to speak directly with the Intake Worker please call 705-524-9629; or contact us.

Note: A participation fee may apply.

Partner Contact Services

Throughout your involvement in the PAR Program, a counsellor will contact your partner and/or ex-partner to give them an opportunity to talk about their experience. The counsellor will provide support to your partner as well as information about the PAR Program in addition to available resources to her and her children.

Your partner has been charged with assault and is on bail or on probation. One of the probation conditions is that he attends the PAR Program.

What you need to know about the PAR Program

  • The priority of PAR is to increase the safety of women and children.
  • It is your partner’s responsibility to call the Program Worker to make an appointment.
  • He will have to attend 12 weekly group sessions, each lasting 2 hours.
  • The PAR Program is NOT an anger management program. It focuses on power and control issues. Violence and abuse is symptomatic of a power imbalance in the relationship.
  • PAR is NOT individual or couple counselling.

The goals of the PAR Program are to:

  • Confront and change the beliefs and attitudes that support abusive behaviours as well as power and control tactics
  • Increase awareness of the dynamics of abuse, power and control
  • Provide new, non abusive and non controlling alternatives to abuse
  • Encourage responsibility for his behaviour and to become accountable to you
  • Improve communication skills to better function as a partner and as a parent, to regain trustworthiness

The Partner Contact Worker will contact women once they have received the abusive partner’s file and after attendance in the first session of the program. Women will then have the opportunity to talk about their experiences and safety level. To learn more about the PAR Program as well as the resources and services available to women and children, call the Sudbury Counselling Centre.

If you have any questions regarding this program, please call 705-524-9629; or contact us.

Note: A participation fee may apply.

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